Some Creepy and Unusual Reasons for Flight Delay and Cancellation

Some Creepy and Unusual Reasons for Flight Delay and Cancellation


Anyone who has taken a flight journey in a commercial flight must be sure that the delays and long span of waiting hours are quite inevitable. These may be because of inadequate airport parking; it may also turn back because of the unforeseen circumstances. Usually, the major reason of the flight delay is technical or mechanical fault. But at times the reason behind the delay is quite creepy and strange which you might have not even imagined. In this article we will let you know about some such instances which might be too tacky to handle. Flight cancellation UK is one among them.

Listed below are some creepy and unusual reasons for flight cancellation UK:

  1. The Toilet Trouble- There was an incident when continental airlines delayed the flight due to broken toilet. This problem was not fixed with minimum effort it required complete mechanical repair and it was then that it was fixed and was ready to use. This was an incident of the first class section in the flight. It took three hours to get it fixed. After this every flight passenger was quite alert and was prepared to witness such situation.
  2. Cargo Under Danger- Last year Qantas airlines took around an hour to land, can you guess why was it delayed? The entire ground staff was trying to load one cheetah into the cargo but it was not co-operating at all. The main problem was in pallet which was not secured in a proper way. After struggling for half an hour with this cheetah the pilot landed into one decision that it should be left behind and it would be loaded in the next flight. Due to this the flight was delayed for an hour or so. As per the airline records they have handled many such situations like horses, gorillas, crocodiles and penguins. There are many instances like this and passengers do not need to get worried in such cases.
  3. Chaos due to Otter- In this case the flight was completely delayed for 80 minutes. This delay was due to some wily otters. This particular mammal was suppose to be transported in a cargo but accidently it broke it came down to gangplank and were running across the entire tarmac. It took 45 minutes to recover the same. The passengers got completely impatient during the entire hours of delay.
  4. Incidence of Rotten Meat in Passenger’s Bag- In this case the flight was turned down for a short span of time due to rotten maggots. There was a handbag of some passenger that contained the putrefied meat. It was in such a bad condition that maggots were falling on the head of the passengers from the upper storage compartment. Passengers got panic stricken with this situation. By the end the entire plane was disinfected.

So these were some of the weird situations and reasons behind flight delays and cancellation. They are definitely unavoidable but quite annoying and such wastage of time. These are something which cannot be avoided as well.


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