10 Handy Tips to Choose the Best Exterior Colours for Your Home

Best Exterior Colours for Your Home


Your home’s exterior is the first thing your guest will notice when they come to visit you. Hence, you might feel pressured and overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the colour scheme for the exterior of your home.

To ensure that you choose a colour that reflects your taste and personality, it is important to understand the basics of exterior house colours and several factors that affect the way your home will appear to the onlookers.

Read along to find out 10 handy tips to choose the perfect exterior colours which your interior designers never tell you.

1. Look around your neighbourhood 

Before you browse through Pinterest for inspiration, take a stroll around your neighbourhood and look at the house colours which intrigue you and evoke emotions within you. Next, pay attention to the landscape around your house and pick out accent colours that you can incorporate for the exterior of your house.

2. Less is more 

While the classic design rule says that one must use 2 or 3 colours for any given space, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must use all 3 colours for the exterior of your house. If you are a minimalist, then there is no harm in simply sticking to a single neutral colour like brown, cream, white or grey. You can also use white as thebase colour and use another contrasting colour for accents like the window frames, door and trim.

3. Don’t ditch the colour wheel

A foolproof way to choose exterior house colors is to carefully study the colour wheel and know the colours, shades and their undertones.

4. Use a colour visualizer 

Before you go out to buy the paints, use a virtual colour visualizer and test the different colour combinations that you have in mind to get an idea of how they will look togther.

5. Pay attention to the architectural style 

If you paint a Victorian house with rustic colours like grey, black and reds, it will look absurd and make you feel disoriented. Hence, it is important to choose a colour palette that complements the architectural style of your home.

6. Stick to the indoor theme 

A beginner’s mistake you should avoid making is choosing a separate theme for the exterior house colours. You must continue the interior theme outside to ensure a seamless connection between the porch and the inside of your house. So, decide on a style, narrow down your colour palette and use it throughout the house.

7. Check out the trends

Before you decide on the colours, browse through the design and fashion magazines to understand which colours are having a moment at that time. Having said that, make sure that you choose a colour that is a classic hue that will stand the test of time.

8. Don’t shy away from going bold 

Don’t hesitate from bending the rules and choosing statement colours for the house exterior. Make sure that you step out of your comfort zone, explore and choose colours that make you feel happy, uplifted and speak to your soul.

9. Experiment with neutrals 

If you want to choose a neutral colour but don’t want to go for the boring white, browns and greys then you don’t have to. Some offbeat neutral colours to consider are sage green, mint, lilac, olive green, baby blue, mauve, ivory, taupe and pink.

10. Buy test sizes 

Buy test sizes of the colours you have finalised and swatch them discreetly on the outside walls. Remember to observe the colours at different times of the day to see how the natural light affects them.

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