5 Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Interior Paint Colours

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The easiest way to choose the ideal colour scheme for your abode in 2024 is to choose the colours that you naturally gravitate towards. Choose your favourite colour and then build a colour palette around that colour. We promise you will never regret following this house interior painting hack.

Today, no one wants to restrict themselves to choosing traditional hues for their home. Indian homeowners are now open to experimenting with refreshing hues when it comes to their home walls.

Painting your home for the first time and clueless about how to choose a colour scheme for your home that you will never get bored of? Keep on reading to discover five amazing tips to pick the right house interior painting colours that design experts swear by.

1. Seek Inspiration

Before you go paint shopping, do your research. We are talking about browsing through design magazines, going on Pinterest and pinning your favourite house aesthetics, going through paint catalogues etc. Simply educate yourself about the different hues that are available in the market today. This will help you learn about the trending hues in the design world and choose a colour palette that will make your guests swoon.

2. Look at the Colour Wheel

When in doubt, simply look at the colour wheel. One of the easiest ways to pick the right hues for your abode is to study colour theory. You can consider creating a colour palette for a room with complementary colours that are contrasting and will make your living space look dramatic and energetic. Similarly, if you want a colour palette that looks cohesive and balanced, you can pair analogous colours together, which are located next to each other on the colour wheel.

3. Go for Refreshing Neutral Hues

Are you a neutral colour enthusiast who wants to stick to a neutral palette for your home? No worries; we understand how versatile and gorgeous neutral colours are. But who says you have to stick to the traditional neutral colours like grey, black, beige, white and cream. You can now paint your abode in refreshing muted hues like lilac, lavender, pale yellow, pale blue, etc, which act as neutral hues but are far from being boring or common.

4. Take Inspiration from a Print

Look around your home. Observe your rugs, linen, throws, pillows, etc. Is there a print in your room that you simply adore? You can make this print the focal point of your colour scheme for the room. Pick up colours from this print fabric and then use them in different proportions throughout the room. You can also consider using hues that complement or contrast the colours in the print fabric.

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5. Experiment with the Intensity of a Hue

Did you fall in love with a colour at the paint store only to come home and realise that it looked too dark for your place? Before you completely ditch the colour, try to go a shade lighter or darker. Remember that sometimes a little adjustment can go a long way when it comes to finding the perfect colour for your new home.

The Takeaway

So, which of these house interior painting tips is your personal favourite? We understand that painting outside of the house can be daunting and time-consuming. Hence, we recommend that if you have the means, don’t hesitate to hire a reliable professional painting service like AapkaPainter to paint the outside of your house in 2024.


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