A complete guide for placement and sizing of staircase chandeliers

staircase chandelier ideas


As part of the best staircase chandelier ideas, you should have the proper lighting that provides the right illumination while offering an aesthetically pleasing ambience. If you are ever considering lighting your staircase, you have three main options: wall sconces, a pendant, and a chandelier.

Chandeliers are fast becoming a trendy way of lighting up your staircase area. With different types of staircases like basement stairs or foyer stairs, there are several staircase chandelier ideas that you can use to spice your stairs.

Illuminating your foyer stairs

People usually look at the foyer stairs when in the staircase area. This is usually the centre of attraction in your foyer. You could hang a pendant light or a chandelier to enhance the visual appeal of your foyer. You should try to position your chandelier where you have enough room as well as a place that can evenly illuminate the staircase area. To install your chandelier, you need at least 35 – 40 inches of space (vertical). You want to ensure that it doesn’t scrape over your head as you walk by. Most staircase chandelier ideas usually work if your staircase has the right amount of space.

Choosing a size of chandelier for your stairwell.

If you want to evaluate the drop length of the chandelier needed for your stairwell in the house, your ceiling needs to be as high as 14 feet and above. To evaluate this, divide the ceiling-floor length by 4. Note here that the ceiling-floor length is expressed in inches. The result you get will be the length of the chandelier and this is expressed in inches. As a rule of thumb, a ceiling height of 14 feet will get a chandelier length of 42 inches. Others are 15 feet: 44.4 inches, 16 feet: 48 inches, 17 feet: 50 inches, 18 feet: 54 inches, and so on. Chandeliers that are installed in the stairwell should have a width that is at least 20 inches since they will be needed to occupy the space.

Hanging your chandelier over a stair landing

Based on modern design standards, you should place your chandelier about 2 to 3 feet underneath the ceiling above the landing of your staircase. Note that this is only recommended if the ceiling above your staircase Landing is at least 9 feet away.

Chandelier over the landing of your stairs: How big should it be?

If you are considering having a chandelier over your staircase Landing, it should come with a length of between 24 and 30 inches. This length is essential to provide enough space between the light fixture and the stair landing. In terms of the width of the chandelier, you can measure out both the width and the length of the stair landing expressed in feet. You can multiply what you get. The result you get gives the width of the chandelier that you have to buy and install. For example, if your staircase comes with a landing that has a width of 30 inches and a height of 50 inches, then it is recommended that you get a chandelier that is 10 inches in width.


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