Do You Know the Difference Between Pearls and Diamonds?

Do You Know the Difference Between Pearls and Diamonds?


Both pearls and diamonds are considered to be expensive gems which are widely used as different kinds of jewelry item.

However, there are number of differences between pearls and diamonds that you can check here in this short write up.

Pearls as you know are naturally created gems by oysters present in the sea. Due to secretion made by oyster when it tries to protect from intruders and as a result, builds up nacre over a period of time, and that ends up forming a sphere which is a pearl.

Diamonds are not formed on any animal but are to be mined, which are cut out from the rocks which contain them naturally.

Oysters usually reside inside the sea bed which is 50 meters deep, where also pearls can also be found. Usually divers will look for oysters which have the possibility of having pearls inside them.

However, diamonds can be found on land, which are dug up out of mines which is found in certain areas known for having abundance of these natural diamond formations.

Also, man can artificially cultivate pearl by inserting mother of pearl into live oyster. But diamonds cannot be cultivated artificially or created by man.

A diamond is extremely expensive, though the price of diamond will depend on how well-cut the diamond is. Diamond can always be cut into many different shapes, like heart, square, round or oblong shapes.

Natural shape of a pearl is round, and we cannot cut into any other shape, but there is a difference in the size of pearls.

The price of diamond can be measured and decided based on carats. Higher the carats, the diamond will be costlier. For diamond, color is also an important factor, as few most expensive diamonds can have certain rare colors like pink.

Pink diamonds are very rare and can be costly too. The price of any pearl is determined by its rarity of that type of pearl, and also its luster. Any good natural pearl can have a very high luster that cannot be created artificially or imitated.

Diamond prices will depend on its cut, color and also carat rating. Pearls will be priced on the basis of their luster and rarity.


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