Fantasy cricket tips along with tricks

Fantasy cricket

An important aspect of fantasy cricket is to choose players who fetch you certain points on a given day. It would be dependent upon the ground, pitch conditions or be it the overhead conditions. A combination of all these factors goes a long way in determining the dream combination. An example is that Indian pitches would be influenced by slow pitches or humid conditions. Hence you need to choose a player based on the given conditions. The best app to earn money in IPL entitles to earn valuable bucks during the process. Starting off you can choose among 3 to 6 batsmen, 3 to 6 bowlers, 1- 2 all-rounders and a wicket keeper in the fantasy cricket game. If the surface of the game is batting friendly you need to be choosing among  a few quality batsman and all- rounder’s in your team who are good with the bat. On the other hand if the weather is cloudy then your team should be having more bowlers . Even when you are choosing a wicket keeper make sure that you choose someone who can bat in the top order of your team. Tips for a beginner playing fantasy cricket The fantasy cricket is an ideal platform to showcase your skills. Most of them have a free context on offer where you get accustomed to the app before indulging in the real game. There are a few tips to consider before you are choosing a fantasy cricket team. Emotions should not get the better of you- When you are building a team of 11 players you should never allow emotions to get the better of your judgement. For example if your favourite cricket is not in form or does not perform well against a particular opponent then you should not be selecting him. Reputation does not have any role when you are playing fantasy cricket- Some of the quality players come up with a high price tag which could impact your overall points. For example a quality player would be having higher points. For such players undertaking a proper research would be important, as you do not rely on reputation and slot them right into the team The power of research is important- people are known to rely on big names, which is ahead of the game, but this works out to be a wrong approach. The pitch conditions along with the overall make- up of the team has an important role to play in an eventual outcome. Make sure that the fantasy cricket team that you choose is well quipped to win you points. Time is important- do not wait until the last moment to check out on the pitch and the general conditions. It is possible to be changing the fantasy cricket team before the first ball is being bowled. So it seems fundamental that your team is ready well in advance. Once the pitch report is done you can alter your team accordingly. The choice of the captain and the vice- captain- an important strategy for striking it big in fantasy cricket is the choice of the captain and the vice- captain. Before you are selecting a team choosing these players are important since it may turn out to be the difference between winning and losing a game. For a captain you will get 2 x points whereas the vice- captain will fetch you 1.5 x points. The choice of both of them turns out to be an important decision when you are about to choose a team. If you feel that you are well adept in fantasy cricket, you would be already aware of the fundamentals of IPL cricket fantasy league. For a pro user there are a few advanced tips that you need to follow. The right combination works out to be the key- there are specific categories in place from where you need to choose a team of 11 players. Once again the combination would be dependent upon the format and the conditions. For example when it is T 20 cricket you need to be relying more on top order players. An all- rounder that you are choosing should be more tilted towards the ball. If the pitch is Durban then your team should have more number of bowlers in the team. Joining of small leagues and it is better to be putting all your efforts into that- if you end up creating multiple teams it may lead to confusion and distraction. When the teams are less it is better if you are joining a small fantasy cricket league. After winning a small league you could opt for a large league where the prize is not only bigger but the competition would be at a higher end. Be aware on when to take risks and play safe- taking some degree of risks is vital, but you need to be aware on how to stay afloat turns out to be the key. For example when a team is familiar with the home conditions you could take some extra level of risk. There are some seasoned tips to follow for the pro players. Make it a point that you end up relying on instincts. When you are indulging in fantasy cricket there are various small leagues and you are aware on what you need to do. Even if a particular player is not in form and history favours the player then it is better to go for that player. You might not even know that the player is the one that could win you the game. The hunch is something which could vary from one person to another person. When you are playing a game always choose multiple teams. The reason is that it increases your chances of winning. The key is to choose a team of 5 to 6 players and build your team around them. Never forget to try out different combinations and you may even change the captain or vice- captain if the situation arises.


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