Fixed Deposits and Inflation: Understanding the Real Rate of Return


Fixed deposits have long been a popular investment option for risk-averse investors who seek stability and guaranteed returns. While the security of fixed deposits is often seen as their primary advantage, it is important to understand how inflation can affect the real rate of return on your investment.

Fixed Deposits

In this article, we will delve into the relationship between fixed deposits and inflation, and how investors can calculate the real rate of return on their fixed deposit investments. We will also look at fixed deposit app options, Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for senior citizens, online fixed deposit options, and highlight the fixed deposit.

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A fixed deposit, also known as a term deposit or time deposit, is a type of investment offered by banks and financial institutions. Investors invest a certain amount of money for a fixed period and receive a guaranteed rate of interest on their investment.

Fixed deposits are a secure investment option as the invested amount is protected, and investors receive a fixed rate of return irrespective of market conditions. Interest on fixed deposits are generally higher than savings accounts, making them a popular choice among investors in India.

How Does Inflation Affect Fixed Deposits?

Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is increasing over time. Inflation reduces the purchasing power of money over time, which means that the same amount of money will buy fewer goods and services in the future.

Fixed deposit interest rates are often lower than inflation rates in India, which means that if the inflation rate is higher than the fixed deposit interest rate, your investment isn’t keeping pace with inflation, reducing the value of your money.

For instance, if you invested Rs.100,000 in a fixed deposit with a 6% interest rate, over a year, you would receive Rs.6000 in interest. However, if the inflation rate is 8%, your Rs.100,000 would only have the purchasing power of Rs.92,000, effectively resulting in a negative return of -2%.

How to Calculate the Real Rate of Return on Fixed Deposits

The real rate of return on a fixed deposit investment is the nominal fixed deposit interest rate adjusted for inflation. To calculate the real rate of return, follow these steps:

1. Subtract the inflation rate from the nominal fixed deposit interest rate.
2. Divide the resulting value by 100 to obtain the result as a percentage.

For instance, if the inflation rate is 8%, and the fixed deposit interest rate is 6%, the real rate of return on your investment is -1.96%.

Real Rate of Return = (Nominal Interest Rate – Inflation Rate) / 100

= (6% – 8%) / 100

= -0.02

= -1.96%

FD Interest Rates for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in India can avail of higher fixed deposit interest rates as compared to regular fixed deposit schemes. Banks and financial institutions offer these rates as an incentive to encourage senior citizens to invest in fixed deposits.

Fixed Deposit App Options

Nowadays, with apps being a part of our daily lives, investing in fixed deposits has also become more convenient. Several banks, financial institutions, and investment companies offer fixed deposit app options that allow investors to manage their investments at their fingertips.

For instance, Bajaj Finserv offers a Fixed Deposit app, where you can easily open your account, check interest rates, receive timely interest payments, and even renew the deposit without any paperwork. The app also allows you to compare Fixed Deposits online, and you can book your investment within minutes.

Other fixed deposit app options available in India include HDFC Fixed Deposit, ICICI Bank Flexible RD, and Axis Bank Fixed Deposit, among others.

Online Fixed Deposit Options


HDFC Bank, a renowned name in the banking sector, provides a hassle-free online fixed deposit platform. Investors can easily open an account, explore competitive interest rates, and manage their fixed deposits with the convenience of a few clicks. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient investment process.


ICICI Bank stands as a pioneer in online banking services, extending its expertise to online fixed deposit options. Investors can benefit from attractive interest rates, flexible tenure options, and the simplicity of managing their fixed deposits online. The platform prioritizes security and efficiency, offering a reliable avenue for fixed deposit investments.

Axis Bank

Axis Bank’s online fixed deposit options cater to the digital-savvy investor. With a commitment to providing a seamless experience, Axis Bank allows users to explore various fixed deposit schemes, check interest rates, and initiate investments effortlessly. The platform ensures timely interest payouts and easy renewal options.

State Bank of India (SBI)

As a trusted name in the banking industry, State Bank of India has adapted to the digital age with its online fixed deposit solutions. Investors can leverage the user-friendly interface to open fixed deposit accounts, monitor interest rates, and manage their investments securely. SBI’s online platform adds a layer of convenience to fixed deposit transactions.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers a robust online platform for fixed deposit investments. With competitive interest rates and a straightforward process, investors can initiate fixed deposits, track their investments, and opt for convenient renewal options. The platform reflects Kotak Mahindra Bank’s commitment to providing modern, customer-centric financial solutions.

Bajaj Finserv App

Bajaj Finserv App’s Fixed Deposit, a digital Fixed Deposit, is a popular investment option among risk-averse investors who seek stability and guaranteed returns. Recently, the app has introduced a new interest rate that is now up to 8.85%, making it a lucrative investment option for those seeking attractive returns on their investments.

Senior citizens stand to gain even more, with interest rates going higher than 8.85%. However, this lucrative rate of interest is only applicable to customers who are booking their Fixed Deposits online, preferably through the Bajaj Finserv App. This simplifies the investment process and makes it less complicated when compared to traditional methods. With the digital Fixed Deposit, investors can enjoy the ease and convenience of online investing while securing their funds with attractive returns.

The Bajaj Finserv App’s Fixed Deposit option offers a hassle-free way to invest with a few clicks on the app. The digital Fixed Deposit is an excellent way to achieve your financial goals without any complications. If you are looking for a secure and lucrative investment option, the Bajaj Finserv App’s Fixed Deposit is an ideal choice and can help you meet your financial objectives.


In conclusion, fixed deposits are a popular investment option due to their security and guaranteed returns. However, inflation can significantly impact the real rate of return on your investments. Investors need to be aware of the inflation rate and the nominal fixed deposit interest rate to calculate their real rate of return. Fixed deposit app options and online fixed deposit options have made investments more accessible and convenient. Investors need to choose their investment options wisely, based on their financial needs and risk appetite. The Bajaj fixed deposit offers a great way to invest in fixed deposits with attractive interest rates and flexible tenures.


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