Get excellent care in the Shanti Gopal Hospital

Get excellent care in the Shanti Gopal Hospital


About Shanti Gopal Hospital

It is one of the best and leading hospitals in Ghaziabad which is famous for providing excellent services which can easily cater to the needs of the clients in respective field. It is a100-bedded hospital which was established in the year 2008. The person will come across with different types of medical facilities at affordable cost. This hospital has a patient centric approach and strives to provide them the best medical facilities, according to their need and requirement areas. The best part of this hospital is that to give the best treatment at affordable cost without taking extra penny from the pocket of person.

 Main objectives of Shanti Gopal Hospital

The main objectives of the Shanti Gopal hospital are:

  • To provide medical treatment of high quality
  • Try to catch the needs of the population and try to impart best treatment in related field
  • To provide healthy and safe environment where people find comfort in getting the treatment
  • Impart treatment from trained and experienced professionals
  • Try to become best healthcare organization
  • Try to provide education to all staff members according to the latest scenario

Services provided by Shanti Gopal Hospital

You will come across with couples of services that are provided by hospital it will include

  • 24 hours’ ambulance facility is available in order to meet surgical or medical emergency. Ambulance will take better care of the patients in case of illness or any surgery which needs to b undergone
  • Facility of colonoscopy where the test is conducted by the professionals in order to check from the inside of the colon along with rectum with the help of special tool known as colon scope. This tool is having small camera which is attached to the flexible tube which can easily reach to the colon length.
  • Facility of 24 hours’ blood bank is also available which can meet the needs of the required patients at anytime and anywhere.
  • Urology facility is also provided by this hospital where it treats many kidney diseases along with infertility and pediatric urology. It’s also providing other services related with end ourology and laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Facility of digital X ray which is latest imaging technique useful in detecting any type of disease. It is one of the oldest forms of detection of diseases inside the body.
  • Facility of gastroenterology where the patients will come across with GL cancer screening facility along with its treatment part

In order to get the details about the services, the person will have to visit the site and enquire about the same. They can also call them any timefor booking an appointment online.

What is really worth mentioning about this hospital is that it has been regarded as one of the top hospitals in the country. A mere visit to this place will reveal this fact as the doctors along with the customer care executives are friendly. They are willing to go to any extent in helping the patients and always have a smile on their face. This is one of the main reasons on why a lot of foreign patients look up to this hospital for the treatment of various ailments. They feel the best of treatment is being provided to them.


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