How to Build a Walk in Wardrobe

Walk in Wardrobe


Having a walk-in wardrobe is something we all dream of. Having a separate space for your clothes, accessories and shoes creates a feeling of luxury in our own home, and for those of us who love fashion and organisation, it can be a huge asset to your property and its overall value. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to build a walk-in wardrobe.

Don’t Rush the Planning:

When it comes to any home construction project, planning is the most important part. The beauty of a walk-in wardrobe is that it doesn’t have to be as luxurious as you see in films and on the TV, there are so many varying ways to do it that it can work perfectly for you and the space you have in your home. However, it’s important to not rush the process- and the planning stage is hugely important. It’s important to carefully work out the dimensions of the space and approximate the right furniture that will work for the space. If you feel a bit out of your depth, then it’s well worth hiring an expert or seeking their advice on how to make the planning of your walk-in wardrobe the best it can be.

Take Space From Everywhere:

Having a walk-in wardrobe isn’t just about having racks and racks of hanging clothes. A great way to make the most of the space is to implement drawers against the short walls. By doing this, you can create more space for more than just your clothes that can be hung- such as your shoes and accessories.

Lighting Is So Important:

As with any room in the house, lighting is one of the most important things. Lighting is especially important in your walk-in wardrobe, and the type of lighting you have is even more critical too. Try to avoid using overhead lighting, as this can be extremely unflattering. Instead, try spotlights that illuminate you from various angles, and if you’re feeling extra, add lights into the shelves to help you see what you have, or to illuminate specific things such as accessories.

Separate the Space:

If you’re going to have a walk-in wardrobe, then it’s important to separate the space- especially if the wardrobe leads onto your bedroom or to your bathroom. You may think about using sliding doors or pocket doors to keep the two spaces apart- and also a sense of privacy if you are going to get dressed in there.

Think About Heating the Walk-in Wardrobe:

Another thing that is worthwhile to implement in your walk-in wardrobe is perhaps a small heating system. This is especially important if you want to have the room in a colder part of your home. If the space isn’t big enough for a radiator and you’re looking for a more subtle way, then perhaps you could invest in underfloor heating.

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