Is It Necessary for Employees to Prepare a Wrap Plan Document

Is It Necessary for Employees to Prepare a Wrap Plan Document


The regulatory authorities in America are taking the necessary steps to enforce the Affordable Care Act. Government officials at the state and federal level are taking this course of action for a reason. They want to ensure everyone in the country has access to adequate medical facilities. They consider the legislation to be a milestone. They endeavor to provide the proper healthcare to every citizen. However, they haven’t forgotten to ensure proper compliance of the guidelines under ERISA of 1974. They expect all employers to meet their obligations under this particular enactment. If these entrepreneurs fail to do so, they have no option but to impose relevant penalties.

Why do entrepreneurs in the private sector need to prepare a wrap plan document under ERISA?

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), all employers need to submit certain documents to the Government like there Digital signature. The paperwork should contain information on the healthcare plans they intend to sponsor for their workforce. Moreover, these entrepreneurs need to convey the terms and conditions of their medical insurance policies to them. For this, they need to prepare a summary plan. This requirement is mandatory for all entrepreneurs regardless of the size and nature of their organizations. These businessmen also have rather submit a wrap plan document to the regulatory authorities.

Many startup owners may not have come across the term ‘wrap plan document.’ Legal experts say it an official paper containing information on healthcare plans for their employees. It should contain the following 6 important details:

  • Benefit coverage under various insurance plans they intend to sponsor for their employees;
  • Specific eligibility requirements of various schemes and relevant exclusions thereof;
  • Employers’ rights to alter certain requirements of the insurance policies they propose to sponsor. It should also contain information on what circumstances these owners can terminate such plans;
  • The document should provide relevant details regarding who has the authority to govern the plans’ provisions. This includes interpreting various important clauses and even determining eligibility claims;
  • It should contain all relevant information which mandatory under ERISA. However, insurance companies omit to disclose such detail in the documents they prepare for their clients;
  • Other all relevant information which affects coverage of insurance plans, the entrepreneurs propose to sponsor. This could include details regarding whether employees receive any benefits they go on leave.

Employers may face the following 2 consequences if they fail to prepare a wrap plan document under ERISA:

  1. They’ll be liable to a fine of $110 a day. The regulatory authorities may impose this penalty from entrepreneur fails to submit the necessary plan documents; and
  2. Incorrect or absence of relevant information in the plan documents ruins a participant’s claim in a lawsuit.

Employee Retirement Income Security Act aims to ensure workers get the proper health benefits they need. Under this legislation, it is the duty for their employers to sponsor such insurance schemes for them. For this, these entrepreneurs need to prepare a wrap plan document in a specific format. This official paper gives the government information on how they propose to discharge their obligations.


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