Minecraft 101: A Simple Guide for Beginners

A Simple Guide for Beginners


Minecraft was released in 2009 and it’s one of the world’s most popular games today! Hundreds of millions are currently playing this game all over the world and across all platforms. Not only that, the game turned players into multi-millionaires. Actually, Minecraft already dominated YouTube, Facebook Gaming and other toy stores around the globe.

Most of the players enjoyed Minecraft because it provides lots of creative freedom, and others use this as a form of education (architects). It’s also loved by most of the adventurous players out there because it offers a vast world the can be explored endlessly and can provide hours of fun and excitement.

And if you’re late to the party, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. But before that, make sure you already have Minecraft installed in your PC/MAC, if not, you can minecraft download it here!

The game drops you into a vast world and surely, you’ll be confused especially if you’re a newbie. In the game, each world has a unique string of numbers known as a seed, so there are no two same worlds existing inside the game.

To help you with the confusion, just continue reading this and below are some of the Minecraft basics you need to learn in order to have a smooth, fun and exciting playing experience.

Learn the Crafting

Crafting is the main core of the game. It is used to make various types of object from the materials that you have. Each item in the game, including the swords, gauntlets, armors, and etc. has its own crafting methods.

Before you can craft anything, you need to build a crafting table which is made from the pieces of wood.

Steps to Build Crafting Table

  1. Find a tree, punch some wood while holding down the left-click
  2. Press “e” key to open the inventory, select the wood, and place it into the four boxes next to the avatar
  3. Click the wood and drag them in the inventory
  4. Fill the four boxes and crafting table will appear
  5. Drag the table to your hotbar, then exit the inventory

Survive the First Night

The first night is the most crucial stage in the game. Because you have nothing to start with, you’ll only have 10 minutes to get shelter to survive. And if you don’t hurry and build a shelter, you’ll spend the night getting killed by mobs.

In order to survive the first night, you must grab some wood to build a shelter. Find some coal to make torches, this can help you see some lights during the night.

List of Monsters

To make the game more exciting and thrilling, there are a variety of monsters that can hinder your journey. So take note of the following, and sooner you’ll encounter them inside the game.

  • Mobs – Monsters can be passive or aggressive, and lots of different species can harm and destroy you and your creations. Over the years, the population of mobs is doubled, so be careful and be alert, some aggressive mobs can spawn right in front of you!
  • Zombies – They are the weakest monsters, you just need to keep hitting them in order for them to die.
  • Spiders – they only attack you at night. They have the ability to crawl, climb up walls, and can jump quickly.
  • Skeleton Archers – these monsters are one of the most powerful monsters you’ll encounter in the game
  • Creepers – the most destructive mobs in the game, they just explode within a specified radius and they can demolish small bases.
  • Endermen – the monster boss! Be careful, they are monster king. Keep away from them, as a new player, you don’t stand a chance with them.


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