Reasons For Having A Website For Operating A Successful Small Business

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If you cannot make money while sleeping, then you will have to work for money till you die. These words are a true reflection of society today. By the time the importance of the internet has dawned on everyone, the success of a business is measured by its presence over the internet. Having an online presence brings multiple benefits to business, one of which is remote business.

To establish an online presence, the most indispensable thing is having a website. If you do not have a website already, you must consider having one. Australian Internet Advertising is a Web Design Sydney -based company that offers website building services all over Australia. Their team of experts will deliver such an exquisite website which will bring huge business at home.


Small business owners often believe that if their business is local or that if they do not run a business affiliated with e-commerce, they don’t require a website at all. This pattern of thinking is totally faulty and destructive to business in the long run. Having a website increases the horizons of your business and increases the presence of your business in distant areas as well.

Another set of misconceptions which small business owners hold is that if they have sufficient business thus, they shouldn’t get a website. Your present success shouldn’t stymie your progress. You might have good business today, but since the business models are changing, if you do not adapt to the latest trends, you may risk losing it in the near future.

Reasons for Having a website

  1. A large number of customers don’t even consider dealing with someone who doesn’t have a website- You are losing 30% of the total potential customers if you do not have a website already. Your website serves as the brochure of your business to the world. Customers today are tech-savvy.

They want to do business with someone whom they can trust. A website fosters credibility in the market.

  1. It provides social proof- As mentioned in the previous point, it adds credibility to your name. Search engines like Google also ask for customer reviews on various websites and businesses. These reviews serve as your certificate of quality. New customers online approach new businesses based on these reviews.

You can easily harness these reviews to woo new customers. If you make your existing customers happy with your services, they will leave a positive response which will generate more customers for you.

  1. You take control of the narrative- Business is all about reputation. When you have a website of your own, you can sculpt a solid reputation in the market. You can post articles and blogs about what your business believes in, what’s your motto, etc. these things have an impact on public perception.

This also prohibits any third party from spreading a negative word about your business since you already control the discourse.

  1. Business will never be ‘closed’- having an online presence allows you to run your business 24*7. Even if you shut your store, your online presence will never be shut. Moreover, you also increase the permeability of the business. You can reach out to the most distant customers by having a website.

For instance, you run a bookstore in Sydney which closes at 10:00 PM. However, some customers in Melbourne at 3:00 AM want the exact book which you have at your bookstore. Having a website will let the customer place orders for the book at a place and time when you do not physically operate.

  1. Most of the competitors have a website- today, if you do not have a website, you’re probably the only one not having it. Thus, you are already out of the competition. Your competitors will be making money online while you depend on physical customers to come.
  2. People search for businesses online- more than 97% of people today go and search online for the services which they want. 63% of consumers primarily use the website to engage with the business of their choice. These figures show the efficacy of websites in drawing new customers and engaging with them.


Customer behaviour changes with time. It is important that your business is immune to any changes in the mode of operation. Moreover, your business must be attuned to the present trends, and since the current trend is going online, you must exert your online presence by creating a website.


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