Reasons To Learn Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking


When it relates to hacking, you probably picture a guy working with code on big computers in a pitch-black room with hefty racks of glowing equipment. Hackers have just a reputation for being corrupt, owing to television shows and movies, yet there are also some honorable hackers. They also engage in ethical hacking & seem to be White Hat Hackers. Given the rise in cyberattacks, there is a greater need for ethical hackers since businesses are using them to safeguard their data against black hat hackers engaged in illicit activities. However, becoming an ethical hacker involves a lot of knowledge of tools, methodologies, & penetration testing. The five most compelling reasons to learn ethical hacking from scratch can persuade you to pursue a career in it if you’re still debating whether it would be a good fit for you.

The definition of ethical hacking

In the procedure of examining a system’s networks for weaknesses against malicious threats, robberies, or assaults that might result in monetary loss or even other damages to the system, ethical hacking is done.

To enter systems methodically, ethical hacking adopts techniques that are also used by illicit hackers. The fundamental distinction is that an ethical hacker is permitted by all necessary parties to attempt system compromises to strengthen defenses against actual assaults. According to Juniper Research, firms would lose more than $2 trillion to cyberattacks in 2019. Additionally, terrorist groups support hackers who use ransomware or spyware to undermine a country’s security or demand large amounts of money in exchange for information.

Following are the five phases of ethical hacking:

1. Reconnaissance

The ethical hacker first acquires data about the target system. Hackers may use a variety of footprinting tools to scan search engines, online services, social networking sites, DNS, networks, Email, etc.

2. Scanning

Ethical hackers then collect further data about the network & devices, such as open ports, methods, services, addresses, and active servers.

3. Securing Access

The hacker will use the vulnerabilities found during scanning to attempt to access networks, domains, devices, or apps at this crucial stage.

Maintenance of Access

Once the hacker has gained access, it’s not required for the vulnerability to continue to exist; instead, an end-user may apply updates. Therefore, a hacker can feel compelled to install the software if they want to keep the device accessible despite the vulnerability.

4. Removing Traces

The last step is to get rid of any software that may have been installed as well as any signs of the attack. A POC is used to test if hackers can imitate the same situations while avoiding detection.

Motives for learning ethical hacking

1. Recognize the mindset of a hacker

The ability to enhance and educate how a company network is protected is the most evident advantage of mastering ethical hacking. Black hat hackers pose the biggest danger to any firm when it concerns cyber security. Additionally, understanding how they work might assist defenders in classifying and prioritizing possible threats. It is almost impossible to eliminate every assault from a network. However, by using ethical hacking techniques, cyber security experts will be able to lessen the effect of any possible danger and allocate constrained resources that lower the likelihood of an assault being successful. Network defenders may acquire this style of thinking via training in hacking done ethically.

2. Be aware of Secret Methods and Research Better Options

By breaking into the system ethically, you may discover a variety of security measures that might have prevented security lapses. With the proper method, you may learn about the top security procedures to adhere to as well as novel ideas like:

  • Hacking a mobile device
  • Linux & Windows
  • Security checks for web applications

Learning all these ideas will be useful not just in your professional life but also if you decide to switch platforms.

3. Supports Quality Assurance & Development

When a new item is made, stakeholders sometimes forego doing security testing because of time stress, which may occasionally leave the program open to theft & hacking. But if an ethical hacker is on board, vulnerability testing can be carried out swiftly, effectively, and thoroughly using the finest methods in the business. Beyond this, being knowledgeable in ethical hacking may aid with research into tools made by hackers & quality assurance testers to speed up the patching of common vulnerabilities. Additionally, by becoming familiar with these tools, developers may learn about code mistakes to avoid.

4. Competitive compensation

A Certified Hacker makes, on average, $71,331 a year, based on the INFOSEC Institute. By learning ethical hacking, you may improve your chances of landing a job in the growing field of cyber security, which will need to hire more than 3.5 million people to fill open positions by 2021. In addition, there is a greater demand than availability for cyber security experts. And that’s maybe why businesses are willing to spend attractive salaries to hire new members for their cyberspace security team to safeguard their data from malicious hackers.

5. Everything is your oyster

You have the freedom to work for any sector of business as an ethical hacker. You may work for a Fortune 500 company or even launch your own small business. Additionally, ethical hacking may be the best place to start if you’re looking to explore the globe. The reason is that the number of cyber attacks is at an all-time high and is exceeding the number of ethical hackers available on a worldwide basis. As a result, cyber security specialists have several job options.

Just keep in mind that you are engaging in ethical and beneficial hacking behavior. If you discover that a system is susceptible to certain assaults, you should notify the appropriate authorities rather than try to exploit it for your financial advantage. With this, you may safeguard your company while simultaneously getting the rush of adrenaline of successfully breaking into someone else’s system.


You must’ve been aware of the significance of mastering ethical hacking at this point. Knowing ethical hacking as well as other technical words will assist you to better prepare for such millions of trendy occupations available in the growing field of the cyber world. If you’re interested in learning more about these concepts, enroll in the certified ethical hacking course right now to launch a vibrant career in this field.


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