Some Important Facts That You Should Know About Columbia Silver Ridge

Some Important Facts That You Should Know About Columbia Silver Ridge


Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to wear thick layers of clothing while moving around. Simultaneously, you want to be well-dressed to ensure that you can enjoy your activities. You need specially designed clothing that combines lightweight and comfort.

Now, we’re going to talk about high-quality hiking shorts that you can wear anywhere in everyday routines, especially when you’re on a hiking trip. Unlike pants that hold heat, hiking shorts provide enough ventilation that allows you to shed the extra warmth you generate in cold months.

Finding out the best hiking shorts mens is a daunting task because the market is full of hiking shorts out there. To help you choose the right pair, we’ve come out with a review of a fantastic pair of hiking shorts. We hope this pair will be a useful option for you.

Review of Columbia Silver Ridge Cargo Short

The Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Cargo Short is the most technologically advanced and fashionable cargo short ever. These comfortable shorts are made by your favorite brand Columbia. Indeed, this pair of hiking shorts come with high-quality fabric that ensures long-lasting performance. Aside from some size and color options, these shorts have multiple pockets and closure systems. You’ll also find some other essential features in these shorts. So, let’s check them below.

Long-lasting Fabric

These shorts are made of moisture-wicking fabric that removes the moister quickly from the skin. This technology keeps you cool and dry during warm sunny days. Also, the fabric comes with Omni-Shade UPF-50 sun protection technology that protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Different Sizes and Colors

These high-quality cargo shorts are available in different sizes and colors and sizes so that you can choose your favorite pair. They also provide you perfect fit that makes you feel ultimate comfort while active days outside. Most importantly, the inseams of these excellent shorts come in 10 and 12 inches.

Multiple Closures and Pockets

As we’re talking about a pair of hiking shorts, it must have pockets and closures. Consequently, these shorts have one zip-closure security pocket, side pockets with a hook, and loop closure. The mesh pocket bags provide you with a lot of efficiency and convenience. Keep in mind that you’ll find flaps in the back pockets.

Adjustable Waistband

These shorts feature with an exterior adjustable waistband and slight elastic at the waist to give you the most comfortable hiking. Due to the partial elasticity, you’re going to have ultimate freedom of movement.


  • Comes with long-lasting fabric with a moisture-wicking system
  • Provides freedom of movement due to lightweight and comfort
  • Includes multiple pockets and closures
  • Comes in different size and color options
  • Suitable for hiking trips


  • Velcro Closures on the pockets might be flimsy


Alongside the vital features, these are excellent hiking shorts that you can easily wash them with your hands. They also dry if you get wet in the rain. However, if you’re looking for one of the best pair of hiking shorts, this one could be a great companion on your upcoming hiking trip.


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