The 10 Most Common Mistakes On Business And SME Web Pages

The 10 Most Common Mistakes On Business And SME Web Pages


In our post this week, we are going to talk about the main errors found on business web pages.

1. Lack Of A Goal

One of the main problems of web pages of this type is usually the lack of definition of primary objective and secondary objectives. 

What is it intended to achieve with the web? Generating leads, subscribers or catalog downloads can be some of these goals. 

Without defining these objectives, you cannot achieve them; therefore, you will not be able to optimize the website correctly as needed.

2. Complicated Navigation

According to SEO Consultant Information Architecture is very important for a web page. On many occasions, an architecture is generated thinking more about the internal structure of the organization, than about the visitor who accesses the web and does not have to know it. 

You have to think about the user while defining what content to put and how to organize it.

3. Bad User Experience

A grave mistake is not taking the user experience into account when designing a website. Take care that your website is easy to use. 

Do a heuristic usability test or if you have a budget, do a user test to check that there are no serious errors on your website that could affect your visitors..

The satisfaction of your portal visitors is essential if you want to be successful. For example, a poorly designed form, inadequate labeling, or other aspects related to usability can make users leave your portal even if they are interested in your product. 

4. Inappropriate Language

You always have to think about the web visitor, and you have to bear in mind that (in many cases), they may not use such technical language as that of professionals. 

Also, it must be remembered that very long paragraphs used in professional reports or catalogs are not suitable for a web portal. 

The readability on screen is different from that on paper. Therefore the texts must be adapted to this type of support. 

5. SEO Problems

This is a serious problem; if you have not optimized the Digital Agency website for SEO, you will not be able to have enough traffic to make your website profitable. 

You may also have over-optimized the website; therefore, the result is also counterproductive. Because of this, you can earn yourself a penalty from Google, which would be very harmful.

6. Don’t Refresh The Page

It is more important than you think, a website that is not updated does not give the right image. 

For example, you enter an SEO Platform, and the last blog update was two years ago. What would your opinion be? A sloppy company? Not careful with details?

7. Not Offering A Professional Image

A company can launch the best SEO agency website, be very well done with beautiful images. But then comes day-to-day maintenance, and when, for example, large images are needed for the blog or the product page, it turns out that there are none and low-quality ones are uploaded, giving a poor impression.

Also, it is important to train the staff who will maintain the web page. So when you have to change texts or add content, they can do it correctly and according to the same design that you already had. 

They know how to use the same CSS styles and structure, and thus you can avoid the possibility of new content that does not look professional.

8. That Is Not Responsive

It is not known which device the user will use to access your site. Therefore, you must adapt your content to all devices. Its design should be Responsive. If a site is not adapted to mobile phones, you may be losing many customers.

9. Legal Notice And Respect For Data Protection

It is imperative to have the pages related to the legal notice, and privacy policy should be updated as per current regulations, especially with the new General Data Protection Regulation..

Create the necessary mechanisms so that users feel safe and trust in the treatment you do of their data.

10. Have No Calls To Action

A website with texts and images to draw the attention of visitors towards the objectives (that have been established) without calls to action will not be effective. 


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