Things to know about Face lifts: Choosing a good Chicago face lift center

Things to know about Facelifts: Choosing a good Chicago face lift center


A face lift is one of the most common plastic surgeries people get. However, it is a good idea to know all the things there are to know about face lifts before getting one. There should be real reason why one is thinking about going to a Chicago face lift center. The search for the best center for plastic surgeries is not the only thing to consider; one should have as much information as possible about the procedure itself.

Facial exercises will not work as well as a face lift

That’s right. There is a lot of debate happening about what all facial exercises one can do to improve the tone of the face. But comparing the face with bodybuilding is not a good idea. This is because when the skin ages, the sagging skin cannot be lifted with just facial exercises. In fact, when it comes to signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, repetitive facial movements can actually make them worse. Getting a face lift is the only way one can reduce the occurrence of the signs of aging.

There are lots of anti-aging procedures

If one is worried about the invasive nature of a face lift, there are lots of non-invasive procedures available as well if the main concerns are to reduce the occurrence of the important signs of aging. From Botox fillers to other injectable serums, there are a lot of things that a plastic surgeon can help with apart from a face lift. Knowing about what one’s options are before deciding is the best way to go forward.

The right time for a face lift

This differs from one individual to the next. What is the right time for one person may not be the right time for the next person. However, if the signs of aging are affecting one’s sense of confidence, and things like Botox or injectable serums are not doing it anymore, a face lift is the best thing to get done. It is also important to understand that there is no age cut-off for getting a face lift. As long as the person is in good health overall and has an interest in looking and feeling good, a face lift can be the right option. It is of course very important to understand what one’s expectations are and whether they are based on reality.

Longevity of results

In the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry, surgeons do not usually give any ‘’guarantee’’ for how long their handiwork is going to last because it ultimately depends on individuals themselves. If one smokes, drinks too much or has a very active lifestyle, chances are that the effects will not last very long. However, in case of face lifts, usually it is seen that years go by before there is any need of getting a touch-up.

Finding the right Chicago face lift center is crucial for anyone considering getting it done.  The right center is one that is equipped with world-class facilities and an experienced plastic surgeon.


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