Top 9 Natural Ways to Manage Meniere’s Disease

Manage Meniere's Disease


Meniere’s disease is an incurable inner ear disorder that causes dizziness, vertigo and other symptoms. It could disable the inner ear complication and can disrupt daily activities. His condition can remain with you for so many years and maybe the reason for permanent hearing loss. It is definitely a scary complication so everyone definitely needs to know the ways to manage this disease. Have a look and do share

Symptoms Of The Meniere’s Disease


When you feel the overwhelming sensation that could make you spin, flip-flopping or twist. These sensations would remain with you for long hours and affect your balance. You may encounter an accident due to imbalance.


It is not severe compared to vertigo and causes dizziness on rising or walking either you are walking up or downstairs. Take these precautions to experience symptoms to lose equilibrium and balance. It can make your life worse with sudden starts and stops.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss with low frequencies often occurs, and you might be limited to a single hearing. The severity of loss would progress the disease and cause permanent loss of hearing.

Nausea And Digestive Complication

With vertigo attacks or dizziness, vomiting is common, and all you need to do is take herbal tea with ginger to relieve nausea. Diarrhea and abdominal pain would cause discomfort.

Uncontrollable Eye Movements

When eyes move uncontrollably from side to side, either up or down or in circles. Eye movements cause abnormal function.

Natural Ways Of Managing The Meniere’s Disease

Limit The Salt Consumption

Excessive salt would increase fluid retention and make your symptoms worse. Sodium intake affects fluid levels in the body and how the body regulates this. Make sure you people are avoiding high sodium foods and limit the sodium intake to 1,000 to 2000 milligrams daily. You need to overall control the symptoms.

Limit the Caffeine

Caffeine may cause tinnitus louder and make your condition more miserable. Caffeine includes coffee, black tea and green tea. Just pay attention to the body and if your symptoms worsen after consuming caffeine, then eliminate this from your tea.

Stop Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption would make the disease more complicated. Alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to regulate fluid levels and makes the inner ear condition worse. It causes headaches, pressure and vertigo. If you want to treat Meniere’s disease, reduce your alcohol consumption. You need to consult rehab centers to get rid of your alcohol addiction. They offer different treatment recovery plans, which could be expensive for so many people. Aetna insurance is provided to facilitate people with affordable health plans. People will get health plans, including mental and behavioral health services. If you live in Florida, you can consult rehab centers in Florida that take Aetna insurance. Get yourself registered today for the treatment without getting worried about the cost of the plans. You will get high-end facilities and affordable plans with this insurance coverage plan.

Avoid Smoking

Avoid nicotine and tobacco to reduce Meniere’s disease. Tobacco can also make your health worse. The nicotine found in tobacco products would increase the symptoms as nicotine decreases the blood supply to the inner ear.

Take Balance Diet

Take a balanced diet throughout the day, and you shouldn’t compromise on the essential nutrients. Quantity and type of food need to be considered. Consult a dietitian for a healthy diet plan. Consume 2-3 liters of water intake to stabilize the inner ear fluids. If you have this minor issue, don’t overlook the balanced diet and consult the doctor immediately.

Stay Away From Allergen Foods

Poor diet causes allergies and severe Meniere disease. You may get better after getting treatment because the doctor would restrict you from the allergen foods. These foods would also affect the frequency, severity, and interference of daily activities. Eliminate this from your diet and immediately diagnose yourself to determine the food sensitivities. Allergens should be removed from the diet. Stay away from alcohol, eggs, processed foods, sugar, peanuts, corn and gluten foods. You need to improve the quality of life after diagnosis, which will help to reduce the symptoms.

Manage Stress Levels

Reduce the stress levels immediately because it can make your health condition worse. You will get into this disease when physically and emotionally disturbed. Emotional stress hurts the body and causes hormonal changes, which increase the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and digestive disorders. Stress can trigger certain types of cancer as well.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the best to improve the blood flow in the inner ear and makes you relax while reducing stress to some extent. You should go for the right blend of natural sounds and music, which help to reduce the symptoms. The sound would be pleasing in the background and decrease Meniere disease.


You should need to try different massage techniques to reduce the symptoms. Neck massage would leave significant improvements in the disease. Deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage massage would help to increase circulation and reduce fluid buildup. You

Final Thoughts

Here we have mentioned the natural ways to reduce Meniere’s disease. You should also get effective treatment and reduce the consumption of salt, to prevent excess fluid from settling in the ears. Limit the intake of alcohol and sugar. Avoid processed foods high in salt and artificial sweeteners. Avoid foods to which you are allergic to and eliminate this from your diet immediately. Make sure food and drinks should be divided into equal portions and balance the consumption throughout the day. Manage the stress level through talk therapy, massage and deep breathing exercise. People will get better or control symptoms with diet, drugs or devices.


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