What Is an Eyelash Conditioner & How Do We Apply It?

Eyelash Conditioner


All understand the definition of conditioner. We use it on our hair to promote growth, prevent breakage, and make the strands appear elastic and healthy.

To condition and preserve the health of your lashes, you can use lash MD professional eyelash conditioner, a mixture of oils, humectants, and moisturizers. There are numerous methods for conditioning your lashes, but some are better than others.

In this post, we’ll go over why eyelash conditioners are necessary, how to condition your lashes properly, and what to look out for when purchasing (or producing) an eyelash conditioner.

Why Condition Your Lashes?

In the same way that heat tools and hair dye can hurt your head, hair, mascara, cosmetics, and makeup remover can all damage and dry out your lashes. According to New York City physician Joshua Zeichner, “adding and removing cosmetics can dry out lashes, resulting in breakage. Eyelashes protect our eyes from airborne dust; in extreme cases, they might even cause lash loss.

Conditioners assist our lashes and the hair on our heads similarly. By making the hair softer and the hair shaft smoother, our lashes can be protected from damage that occurs every day. Almost everyone wears mascara, and even more extreme procedures like falsies and eyelash extensions are becoming popular. Therefore, extra help for all of our lashes would be beneficial.

It’s important to realize that conditioning lashes and promoting lash growth are two different processes. Eyelash conditioners create the ideal conditions for lash growth, and Eyelash development serums frequently contain peptides and other components that encourage lash growth. Most creams can’t do both, but if you can find an excellent lash growth serum, like lash MD professional, that can, you’ll be in good shape!

How to Effectively Use Eyelash Conditioner

Before going to bed, one should often wash their face and apply eyelash conditioner. It is usually advised to use a gentle cleanser or an oil cleanser. If your makeup remover/cleanser is excessively abrasive, you could accidentally be drying out your lashes.

Ensure that every one of your eyelashes is tidy. Use an oil-based serum with oils, such as castor oil, vitamin E, or coconut oil. These oils will remove any lingering makeup from your face while softening your lashes. Consider it to be a win-win situation.

You should be conscious of how delicate your eyes are. Before using anything close to your eyes, always read the ingredient list. Always check the labels of your cosmetic goods to ensure they are paraben-free and you are not putting harmful chemicals on your skin.

Always test any product on or near your eyes on a small patch first, and stop using it immediately if you have any redness, burning, stinging, or other side effects. Take immediate action to remove the product or oil from your skin if you experience any of these symptoms. Protect those stunning eyes of yours!

It is recommended to wash your face and then apply eyelash conditioner before night. The use of a mild cleanser or an oil cleanser is typically indicated. If your makeup remover or cleanser is overly harsh, you can unintentionally dry your lashes.

What Ingredients Should an Eyelash Conditioner Contain

When looking for the best eyelash conditioner, there are a few things to watch out for, such as oils and ingredients. Whether you make one yourself or purchase one from a store, these are the criteria you should consider.


It’s imperative to pay close attention to the oils being used. Both vitamin E and coconut oil are suitable bases for oils. You may combine these oils to make your lash conditioner, which you can use as a quick swipe before bed.

While each oil is top-notch, castor oil is the undisputed champion for conditioning eyelashes. This oil has been shown to speed up lash growth and conditioning and moisturize the lash.

Eyelash conditioner and eyelash growth serum are usually two different products, as we said above. Castor oil is used in this natural eyelash serum, which is regarded as an eyelash conditioner and an eyelash growth serum.


When purchasing ANY product for your face or eyes, it is imperative to confirm that the serum or oil is paraben-free, as described above.

The most common parabens include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropyl paraben, and isobutyl paraben.

Growth Serum

If you’re also aiming to lengthen your lashes, the last thing to check is whether your conditioner doubles as a growth serum. Most growth serums on the market are only meant to promote growth, whereas most lash conditioners are only meant to moisturize and soften lashes.


Although an eyelash conditioner and eyelash growth serum are available to purchase separately, why would you want to? You may give your lashes a 2-in-1 treatment with lash MD professional eyelashes conditioner.


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