What the Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Los Angeles Will Tell You

What the Best Breast Reduction Surgeon in Los Angeles Will Tell You


Deciding to get a breast reduction surgery can be a very personal choice people make. Usually, breast reduction surgery is a result of health problems a woman is suffering from. Choosing the best breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles is possible with the right time and effort. Here are the things that such a professional will tell you.

Why get it done?

This is the question that confuses many. While most understand why getting breast augmentation surgery is a good idea for women with small breasts, breast reduction surgery is a totally different ball game altogether. This is surgery that is done usually because of health reasons. Some women have extra-large breasts that are very heavy and over the years, it can cause a lot of discomfort and back pain. The heaviness in the chest is too much to deal with and the affected woman wonders if getting a breast reduction procedure done is the best way to go. With such a surgery, breast tissue, excess fat and skin are taken out so that the weight and size of the breasts can be reduced to a significant amount. It can give a new lease of life to women who have always suffered due to the size of their mammary glands.

What to consider before getting breast reduction surgery

Here are the things to consider:

  • Such a surgery can be done anytime but it is best done after the breasts are fully developed to get the maximum benefits.
  • If there are piercings in the nipple and the breasts, it can cause an infection after the surgery is performed.
  • Getting such a procedure done can cause problems with breastfeeding. Many women have reported they are unable to breastfeed after they got this procedure done. So if one plans to nurse a baby after such a procedure, it is best to talk to the surgeon about it so that things can be done to ensure it.
  • If there are significant chances in weight caused by pregnancy or other reasons, the result of the breast reduction surgery can be altered. One must always keep this in mind and try to prevent excessive weight loss.
  • If one is a smoker, it can increase complications after the surgery. Even if one is a smoker, decreasing or quitting right before the surgery can help a lot.
  • Considering the financial costs involved with such a surgery is important before setting about to get it done.

After-care of breast reduction surgery

It is important to understand that this procedure constitutes to be a major surgery and hence it is important that one takes adequate rest after it. There should be someone to help one get the daily chores out of the way for days and even weeks. A recuperating time of at least 2 weeks is to be expected when the patient should be resting as much as possible. The best breast reduction surgeon in Los Angeles is the best person to ask about any questions one may have for life after surgery.


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