Advantages of Integrating Your Inventory With Wholesale Customer Order Management Software

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As a wholesaler, you know the challenges of managing an online business. There is always work to be done. Your everyday workload consists primarily of finding suppliers, completing orders, and selling goods. Keeping things afloat may be more complicated than actively expanding your company, and automation with wholesale best eCommerce inventory management software is a more effective method. To put it another way, let technology handle the menial aspects of the business. Before computers took over, everything had to be done by hand.

Back then, customer and sales records and inventory quantities were stored in closets and drawers. It could have been more enjoyable to restore data from those archives. Or, God forbid, anything gets misplaced.

Thank goodness, those times are long gone. Now that you have a new support system, you may concentrate on the areas of your organization that you find most appealing. A contemporary B2B best inventory software can be integrated with your inventory.

The Importance of eCommerce Inventory Integration

A B2B eCommerce company needs all its moving pieces to function properly. The complexity of the system increases as the business expands. The likelihood of costly errors rises in the absence of effective management. These errors, albeit little on their own, can build up and lead to the collapse and closure of your company. You may simplify and reduce complexity in your company processes through automation. You can integrate your inventory system via wholesale customer order management software rather than depending on people. As a result, the system now works for you rather than the other way around. You can reallocate resources to build your firm through automation and integration without experiencing spiraling complexity.

Save Energy, Money, and Time With Automation

You’re typically in the ‘good enough’ stage when launching your business. Since you only have a small number of clients, it is fine to have their information dispersed through notes, emails, and spreadsheets. Since your inventory isn’t large, manually updating is not a complicated task. You use a few apps and programs to keep things operating, so managing them is sufficient. However, what is sufficient initially becomes a bottleneck as your organization expands. However, automation is most suitable to reduce this bottleneck.

● Saves Time: With B2B best inventory software, you can do all calculations which help you update the inventory as per your needs. The software performs the same work minutes for which manual labor takes hours or more. In addition, you can spend that precious time on completing other valuable tasks of the organization or training your staff. In simple terms, this software will perform the mental job for you. ● Saves Energy: Keeping manual track of your inventory is tremendous and time-consuming. In a manual system, if someone places an order through a website or application, you need to gather their contact details, ship the order to them, do related accounting and update inventory numbers. Everything will happen automatically with the assistance of wholesale customer order management software. ● Saves Money: Keeping manual track of an expanding and constantly changing inventory becomes prohibitively expensive. More workers must be hired, trained, and mistakes made along the way must be considered. However, our program is fine if your catalog contains 100 or 10,000 different products. It will keep working.

Analyzing Inventory Metrics for Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Better customer data insight is a benefit of centralizing your data in a single automated system. For example, determine who your greatest clients are. These businesses purchase your goods frequently and contribute significantly to your revenue.  Give them exclusive offers or discounts. Give them first dibs on expensive products that might benefit their firm. If you take care of your business relationship, they will be a devoted client for life. You might seek out other companies with similar items and market to them. It also gives you a brief insight into best-selling products, and you can find more customers who can benefit from your product. It also helps you to offer them a higher version of that product. On the other hand, you can also shortlist the underperforming products to remove them from the catalog. Better data will enable you to develop marketing programs targeting the correct customers and boosting revenue. In turn, this lowers the cost of advertising, allowing you to increase your profit margins from sales. The excess funds can then be used to expand your company and keep the growth cycle going.

Refocus Your Resources on Serving Customers

The main goal of automation is to improve customer service. You can improve how your company serves its clients by saving money, time, and energy. You may concentrate on expanding your business rather than obsessing over missing data and searching through countless emails to find consumer information. Utilize their skills by giving them worthwhile work, and take advantage of the increased productivity and job satisfaction. Your company will change swiftly once these additional resources are available. Your balance sheet will be in the greatest shape if your costs are reduced and your revenue increases. With a strong financial sheet, you can invest more money into your company, turning it into an independent machine.


More sales equate to more orders, and more invoices result from more orders. More paperwork, data entry, and information sharing between departments are required, and a form or piece of data can easily be misplaced amidst the confusion. The B2B inventory software connected with QuickBooks helps maintain productivity and organization, and it makes your order management process more efficient and removes any gaps where orders can get lost.


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