Décor Ideas For Your Wooden Kitchen

Wooden Kitchen


You can never go wrong with wood. It is perfect for decorating your modular kitchen. Many people love a wooden modular kitchen in the house. There are plenty of benefits behind it. The most obvious one is the warm and cosy look wood creates. You will feel more invited. Also, it is a very rich appearance and adds a touch of luxury to your modular kitchen. You can increase the resale value of your home by choosing wooden kitchen decor as well.

There are various ways to incorporate wood into your modular kitchen design. You can use it to create shelves, flooring, cabinets, and even countertops. It is a durable and sturdy material that will not damage and can easily last a few decades.  You will get wood furniture and fittings in many different tones and textures. Hence, you will be able to easily choose a wooden modular kitchen that matches your preferences. In case you want to choose a wooden kitchen design but are not sure about how to decorate it, here are a few tips you can consider:

01 of 06 Stick to only one tone while choosing the colour

Adding different colours often feels necessary, as using only one tone can make a space appear boring. However, it is not the same when you choose wood. You can consider choosing a single tone for all the elements in your kitchen. Instead of appearing monotonous, the kitchen design will appear in harmony. Also, the space will appear more spacious.

Just keep in mind that a single-tone wooden modular kitchen does not mean there will not be any other colour in the kitchen. Your appliances, decor elements, etc. can feature other colours. Make sure that their colours look good in your wooden kitchen.

02 of 06 Opt for wooden shelves and a ceiling

Wood is expensive material. If you want to choose wood for everything in your kitchen, your budget can increase a lot. However, this does mean you cannot give your kitchen a wooden appearance without spending a lot of money. Sometimes, adding a few wooden elements to the kitchen design smartly can do the trick. One such popular method used by experts for creating a wooden kitchen is only choosing a wooden ceiling and shelves for the kitchen. The combination will give your kitchen interiors a rustic and wooden look. You can choose a different colour for your countertops and cabinets after installing the wooden elements.

03 of 06 A wooden countertop for your kitchen

When you think about countertops, the materials that come to mind are marble, quartz, and granite. They are some of the most popular materials. However, you can go for uncommon materials for your kitchen countertop as well. A wooden kitchen countertop will appear great and increase the functionality of the space as well. Also, a wooden countertop will prove to be more budget-friendly when compared with materials like marble. The only problem people face with a wooden countertop is that it is susceptible to scratches. You may want to avoid it if you perform a lot of cutting and chopping activities on the countertop.

04 of 06 Choose wooden knobs instead of metal knobs

In most kitchens, the cabinets and drawers feature beautiful metal knobs. Although these knobs are effective and look great, you can switch them with wooden knobs if you want to incorporate wooden elements into the kitchen decor. This is one of the most subtle ways of adding wooden elements to your kitchen interior design. Neither will you have to invest a lot of time, nor will you require a lot of money for this task. Yet, you will be able to give a complete makeover to your kitchen decor. Try to match the knobs of your door and window with the storage knobs for a stunning look.

05 of 06 Match the floor with the cabinets

The cabinetry and flooring are the two largest elements in the kitchen. You should pay attention to them if you want to influence the look of your kitchen. If you want a well-organised wooden kitchen decor, consider matching the tone of your cabinets with the tone of your flooring. This will help to add more harmony to the kitchen design. Also, your kitchen interiors will appear more striking. Just ensure that the other elements add some contrast to the space.

06 of 06 Add wooden bar stools

Not everyone has a large kitchen design. If you have one, make sure you design it properly. Leaving empty space can make the look of the kitchen fall flat. You should carefully come up with ideas to make use of free space effectively. An easy way of using free space efficiently is by creating additional seating space in the kitchen. They will add more visual interest to the space while making it more functional. Just make sure that you choose wooden bar stools for this purpose if you want to incorporate more wooden elements into your modular kitchen design.


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