An overview of the movie Spirited Away

An overview of the movie Spirited Away


Spirited Away is a Japanese 2001 animated movie. The movie is being written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Also, this movie was voted as the fourth best movie of the 21st century and it was being made the highest ranked animated film on the list. You can watch this movie online from the streaming websites and have a great time. For more detailed information about the animated plot, you can find out this here. Now, let us take a brief look into the plot of the movie.

The plot of Spirited Away

Spirited Away revolves around the following plot wherein a little girl, ChihiroOgino who is 10 years old and her parents are off to their new home when suddenly her father takes a road which is a shortcut to the new home. Then, they enter into a magical world which interests her father and he wants to go and explore it more.

Her parents find an empty stall and they settle down to eat the food there while on the other hand, Chihirocomes across a bathhouse where she has an encounter with a boy whose name is Haku. He warns her that she needs to return back across the river before the sun goes down. But alas! She learns that it is already too late to do that and her parents have turned into pigs and she cannot go across the flooded river. She is now trapped in the magical world.

Later, Hako somehow finds Chihiro and then he helps her ask for a job from the boiler man of the bathhouse, Kamaji. But then he refuses to give her a job and asks a worker to send her to the witch who Yubaba who runs that bathhouse. In the start, Yubaba tries to scare Chihiro away but seeing her persistence she is hired for the job.

Yubaba usually takes people’s names and gets them renamed. She does the same to Chihiro and names her Sen. Also, Sen is warned by Hako that if she doesn’t figure out her real name she will not be able to leave the spirited world.

Sen is being discriminated by her other co-workers because she hasn’t turned into a spirit yet. Only Haku and another worker show some sympathy towards her. When the first customer of Sen arrives she realizes that he is a spirit of a polluted river. He is very grateful that she cleans him and thus gives her a magic dumpling.

Further, Sen has many more adventures until she returns back to her parents and they leave from there. In order to find out the exact plat and have an interesting time with the film make sure you watch it.


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