The Etiquette of Choosing a Pearl Necklace in Your Everyday Life

The Etiquette of Choosing a Pearl Necklace in Your Everyday Life


Pearl jewelry is often associated with glamour and high-end cocktail parties. Their design is so versatile that it could be part of your everyday routine. Be it a friend’s get-together or a scientific conference or a picnic or a wedding. Pearls grace these occasions beautifully.

Know the pearls 

Every skin tone, eyes and hair go well with a particular variety of pearls. When chosen with care, it highlights the fabric you wear charmingly. The palette of colors range from white, pink, lavender, grey to black.

The single White Akoya pearl necklace is a staple one. It goes well with any skin color and fashion choices. It oozes charm be it with denim or a classy cocktail dress. It goes well with any age-group.

The pink pearl necklace overflows with the bohemian vibe. It accentuates the lighter skin tones and blonde hair. It cuddles the femininity in you. It is suitable for highly romantic outings.

The lavender pearl necklace is for those damsels with darker skin tones and hair. It exudes glamour and brilliance in you. These pearls need to be carefully paired with the outfit so that they bring out the sophistication.

The black pearl necklace is synonym with seduction, class and elegance. Any formal conference or black-tie events or cocktail parties gets a burst of sophistication with these beauties around. It brings out the mysterious and contrasting appeal for all skin tones. 

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For Casual days

  • Two-strand pearl necklace
  • Lariat necklace
  • Illusion pearl necklace in bold
  • Modern chokers

For office days 

  • Single strand white or pink or lavender or golden South Sea pearl necklace
  • Opera necklace knotted or overlaid
  • Black and white Baroque pearl necklace

For parties

  • Multi-stranded, multi-colored strings of pearls
  • Bling pearl chokers
  • Layered pearl choker
  • Single Tahitian pearl in a velvet choker

Fashion Tips 

  • Choose an off-shoulder dress with chokers
  • Do not wear chokers with turtleneck
  • Do not wear chokers with statement earrings
  • For a slimmer look, choose pearl necklaces above 36 inches


The fluidity of design is what pearls offers you. A set of well-chosen chokers and necklaces can set you winning on any occasion be it formal or casual.


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