Can You Naturally Reverse Macular Degeneration?

Can You Naturally Reverse Macular Degeneration?


Macular degeneration is an age-related condition that is predominant. The macula is a cluster of photoreceptor cells present in the center of the retina. In this condition, the macula starts to break down.

It hits the central visual part usually. Age-related macular degeneration has three stages that are basic. You can notice the first two stages without going to your optometrist. You can make changes in your lifestyle if you are diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 

People make changes in eating and they start eating a healthy diet after getting diagnosed with AMD. They also quit smoking habits and start exercising more to lower the level of their blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can slow down the condition related to AMD.

If you are taking vitamin supplements to prevent the condition then it can be helpful also. There is a great effect of lifestyle changes on macular degeneration that is dry. If you have wet macular degeneration then you need proper medical treatment. 

It is important to know which type of macular degeneration is diagnosed in you by your doctor. Moreover, you cannot reverse the disease completely but you can do certain progressions. Thanks to some therapeutic approaches that help to overcome the intensity of diseases. 

In American adults who are older than 60, the main cause of vision loss is age-related macular degeneration. It affects people older than 65 years predominantly. You will find the rare conditions that tell about the development of macular degeneration in adolescence.

In some other conditions that are also rare, macular degeneration can occur in childhood. Typically, when a doctor diagnoses a person with macular degeneration, it is associated with age. 

AMD does not hurt directly but causes vision loss in people. Vision loss is centralized most of the time when it leaves untreated. Middle vision becomes dark, blurry, and missing. AMD does not affect peripheral vision. 

Accumulation of drusen causes AMD in people. Drusen accumulates around the retina when the process does not function completely.

It prevents new cells from developing and destroys the older ones. This stage is called dry macular degeneration. Blood vessels provide more nutrients and oxygen when the death of cells occurs in the area present around the macula.

In this way, disposal of more waste occurs. Presence of the blood vessels that are new causes more loss of vision than improving the vision of an individual. It is the stage that occurs after dry macular degeneration. This stage can also occur before dry macular degeneration.

If you want to lessen macular degeneration then include nutrients in your diet. Following foods are helpful in overcoming the conditions related to AMD.


If your body is facing cellular damage then vitamin, A, C, and E are the best choices for you. Eat a lot of carotenoids to get vitamin A. It is composed of eye vitamins that are zeaxanthin and lutein. They are found in the fruits that are pigmented with the red-orange color.

Vegetables and the leafy greens that are dark also provide vitamin A. Get vitamin C from citric deliveries. Seeds and nuts provide you with vitamin E. Their oils can also give a rich quantity of vitamin E.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

EPA, ALA, and DHA are the most important Omega-3s. You can find DHA and EPA in the fatty fish while ALA is present in the seeds and nuts. Omega-3s helps your body to be protected from inflammation. Researchers believe that these omega-3s play a significant role in AMD.

Zinc And Copper

Copper and zinc are trace minerals that are related directly and indirectly to your eye health. Zinc helps your body to absorb vitamin A which is an antioxidant. It also helps to maintain normal functioning. You can get zinc from shellfish, legumes, and means.

To get a rich amount of copper, eat leafy greens that are dark. Legumes, eggs, nuts, and seeds also contain a rich amount of copper. If you are experiencing macular degeneration then avoid the following foods.

  • Fatty beef
  • Processed foods that are comprised of trans fats
  • High-fat dairy foods
  • Margarine
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Tropical oils such as palm oil

Stop eating sweets and drinking some sugary drinks. The sugar sparks inflammation which develops free radicals that are damaging to the eyes. Go for a check-up immediately whenever you feel that your eyes are not normal.


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