Costs Of A Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Costs Of A Dubai Desert Safari Trip


Dubai is famous for its jaw-dropping skylines. It is the center of attention for most tourists in the world these days for its marvelous creations and deserts.

The thing that is unmissable from the start in Dubai is the golden desert. Tourists who visit Dubai do not miss its alluring desert. They book a trip and go to explore the desert every time they visit Dubai.

You should also include the visit to the Dubai desert into your bucket list because these places are not to be missed even if you visit Dubai for the first time. Many tours offer you reasonable packages for Desert Safari.

Select the package that is cost-effective and offers you many activities to do in the desert. Your bash will remain for six hours with the fantastic Arabian Culture. The heart of the desert is the heart of Arabian culture.

Desert Safari provides you information about the culture and a lot of activities for fun and entertainment. You can say that a trip to the desert Safari is a rugged adventure that you should prefer to experience. 

Visitors enjoy Quad Biking, Belly Dance, Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, and many other exciting activities in the Desert Safari. You can even make your day a memorable time with your friends or family in Desert Safari.

Tours send experts to you who pick your apartment or hotel for a drive to the alluring desert. The first thing on the list that tours offer you is Dune Bashing. After this, they make your time more special from Quad Bike, or you can also hop onto the back of a horse or a camel.

Tours offer you barbecue after quad biking and camel riding. Barbeque dinner beneath the appealing stars takes you to another world. Bonfire keeps visitors warm at night. Tours also serve you the meal that top chefs make.

All the chefs are experienced and provide you the most proper meal. You can also explore the craft, beauty, and various exhibition skills in the desert. Don’t take time to make a decision. Just plan to visit the alluring desert.

You will also find a romantic setup beneath the stars. This setup is perfect for couples. Here are the details of different packages that you can avail of to visit Desert Safari. Select the package that meets your plans and go to see the alluring Desert Safari.

Basic Package Cost You 60 AED

Tours offers you a basic package, and the cost of this package is 60 AED. You will be picked up on a bus, and the same bus will drop you after the trip. The bus will be available at a standard location. They offer you dune bashing in a beautiful land cruiser in this package.

You will get a BBQ Buffet dinner and much more. People can also experience sandboarding in this package. The bus will pick you from 2:00 PM to 2:20 PM and drop you back at your residential place at 8:20 PM or 9:00 PM.

Advance Package Cost You 99 AED

A 4*4  car picks you and then drops you back at your apartment or hotel on this trip. You can also experience dune bashing in a land cruiser or a short ride on the camel on this trip. Moreover, they provide you a BBQ Buffet dinner.

Visitors can also experience dune bashing during this trip. The car picks you at 2:00 PM or 2:30 PM and drops you off at 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Premium Package For Desert Safari

Premium package for desert Safari cost you 199 AED. This package contains all the facilities and entertainments like an advance package, but you will get a long camel ride in this package.

Besides, you can also enjoy Quad biking. The pickup and drop-off timing of this package is the same as the advance package for desert Safari.

Self Drive To Desert Safari

If you want to go to Desert Safari by self-drive, then it cost you 39 AED. You can drive on Al Ain Highway to the meeting point of Desert Safari decided by the tour. This package includes all the inclusions that are basic with Dune Bashing and a Land Cruiser ride.

Morning Desert Safari

This package will cost you 149 AED. Make your morning best and memorable with the box of Morning Desert Safari. You will get 35 minutes of Quad biking, Sandboarding, Camel Ride, and Dune Bashing in this package.


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