Crooked Nose Surgery: Why Would You Do That?

Crooked Nose Surgery: Why Would You Do That


Every 8 out of 10 people hate their noses. Even if the face is perfectly symmetrical nose will find a way to be weird. While most people have an evenly symmetrical face, some people don’t. The issue starts with a crooked nose. A crooked nose is an asymmetrical nose or something like a flat nose.

Reasons for Having a crooked nose:

The major reason why someone has it from their birth can be issues with nose tissues or bones. Another reason might be an accident, birth defect or surgery around that area may also disrupt the shape of the nose.

A deviated septum can also cause this. In simple terms, a deviated septum means theline of symmetry of the nose. It may deviate more on the one side causing the nose to look crooked, weirdly shaped, or asymmetrical. In severe cases, this deviation might also block the airflow in the nasal passage.

Treatment of a Crooked Nose:

Everyone around us tries to be a specialist and a doctor in case of accidents and illnesses. There are people and there is internet who would rather recommend exercising instead of a surgery to fix the crooked nose.

Do ExercisesWork?

The Internet is flooded with facial exercises to fix the symmetry of the face and to correct the shape of the nose. These may sound interesting but won’t work. The nose is made up of bones and cartilages and what people generally don’t know is bones can not be re-shaped with exercises.

What Else?

Knowing that exercises(the painless method) won’t work. A surgery scare will hit upon the mind. Crooked nose surgery is there if nothing works. So, are there any other options too? Yes! Fixing a crooked nose is easy with both surgical and non-surgical methods. To opt for any method, the first requirement will be to learn the reason forthe crooked nose. Some methods may work for some reasons while others may not.

Non-Surgical Methods-

If the thought of non-surgical methods strikes the head. It is better to first consult a specialist, a surgeon who will guide through the process of dermal fillers. The methods work upon the basic principle of injection. Some soft tissues will be injected around the part that needs to be fixed and it will be sorted.

  • Dermal Fillers (Liquid Rhinoplasty): The method is 100% non-surgical and comfortable. It will include an injection filled with either silicone, hyaluronic acid, or calcium hydroxylapatite gel. One major thing that should be known before opting nose fillers is that these may have some disadvantages too and these should only beopted if the case is not severe.

Crooked Nose Surgery-

There are two surgical methods for a crooked nose: Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty.

  • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty has two types depending on the function. The cosmetic rhinoplasty works to fix the shape of the nose while functional rhinoplasty will work to fix the breathing problems. These both can be performed together if the case is severe. While functional rhinoplasty may work alone but former needs to include the later compulsorily.
  • Septoplasty: Septoplasty works on a deviated septum which in simple terms means it will work to straighten the deviation and opening the nasal blockage. Sometimes rhinoplasty is performed in integration with septoplasty called “septorhinoplasty”.

A crooked nose is very common in people most people have a crooked nose that is even unnoticeable. Unless there is no breathing issue there is no need for treatment.


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