Here’s a handy guide to apply for a marriage loan

Here's a handy guide to apply for a marriage loan


Marriage loan is a personal loan opted to serve the purpose of hosting a wedding ceremony, which is an expensive affair. An average wedding plan in India is generally more than Rs. 3lakh. To execute a wedding ceremony, a huge amount needs to be invested. Marriages generally involve a high budgetary plan to cover distinct areas of funding such as expenses on venue and catering, clothing of the couples, booking hotels for the guest, buying jewelry, etc. Thus, the financial sectors have come up with an outrageous solution in the form of marriage loans to help those, who want to host a lavish wedding but do not have the funding ready.

Several events and functions are involved in the happenings of marriage, thus requiring the same or higher than the other expenses to be put forth. A proper flow of budget fosters efficient arrangement of each event and adequate delegation of the tasks in different wedding functions. Many times, while executing such a big budgetary goal, the sufficiency of the needed funds always lags. Thus, to pave a way to uninterrupted marriage programs, a marriage loan is a must to get.

Easy ways to apply for a marriage loan

Applying for a marriage loan is not a burdened task as it does not involve a lot of paper works. An insignificant amount of relevant documentation is enough to do with. Nowadays applying for a marriage loan is more proficient and handier for you are just a click away. It is because you need not wander around the banks or other financial sectors to approve your loan as you can directly apply it online by submitting a few of your documents. Following are the easy steps to avail a marriage loan:

  • Prefer online loan application: Applying for a marriage loan online proves to be more effective as it saves time and avoids inconveniences that may occur while visiting banks and other financial sectors. Secondly, you get more exciting offers on interest on the loan payment and assistance in choosing the best among loan options
  • Discover the best loan plans: You may come across several loan plans from different banks online. Here you must be very careful about the terms and conditions of the loan you will be opting for yourself. For this, you need to do proper research on the plans available and choose the best among them. You should go for the plan that provides you long tenure, a lesser rate of interest and a higher loan amount
  • Documentation: After you find your suitable marriage loan plan, the last step that you need to follow before the sanction of the loan is documentation. PAN card and address proof details along with your personal, financial or employment details are some of the required documents

After completing the above steps, you are all set to avail the loan amount you have applied for. The loan amount would be credited to your account within the span of 24 hours, thereby, allowing you to execute your wedding plans in the desired way without worrying to face any shortage of funds. So, now, you can plan a lavish marriage ceremony and execute it according to your marriage amount.


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