Why Arena Animation Institute is one of the best Institute in India to Study Animation Courses

Arena Animation Institute is one of the best Institute in India to Study Animation Courses


Since being founded way back in 1996, Arena Animation Institutes has been supplying the media industry with a strong base of creative animators for 23 years. Affiliated with renowned brands and to-be-deemed universities, Arena Animation doesn’t fall short on its promise of providing its students with phenomenal experience and expertise.

The Arena Institute is a project that took flight under the assistance of Aptech back in the late 90s. Aptech Ltd. is a leading brand involved in the career education industry. The company was founded in 1986 — exactly a decade prior to Arena Animation — and has since trained over seven million students worldwide, while expanding over forty countries with over one thousand and three hundred training centers across the globe.

Some very notable and recognized accomplishments achieved by the brand:

  • LakméAcademy powered by Aptech won the Global Educations Award 2019 as the “Best Beauty & Wellness Training Academy of The Year.”
  • Aptechselected as a finalist for Microsoft’s Learning Partner of The Year.
  • Aptechand Arena Animation won the “Brand of the Decade Award” presented by Consulting Asia and Herald Gold and Brand Advertising Research, in the education space.

Needless to say, administered by a brand so powerful, Arena Animation doesn’t fail to be worthy of its claims as one of India’s Top Animation Learning Institutes.

Though, What Sets Arena’s Courses Apart? 

What truly sets Arena’s courses apart from every other institute is its Employment Driven Education. The curriculum is heavy on industry-relevant skills and is firmly targeted at enhancing the skills of this generation’s youth. Apart from training students to excel in technical skills, Arena also ensures that they learn and commit to useful interpersonal skills; both of which are mandatory for jobs across the nation.

As explained by their team, Arena is committed to providing 100% placement to its students, ensuring that a person passionate to create beautiful graphics does not have to struggle to do what they love.

Teachers & Infrastructures:

The teaching council at Arena is known for it’s patient and humble approach towards students. The teachers are always welcoming and take note to personally interact with every student and assist them with their doubts.

Frequent assignments are handed to students and practice sessions are accompanied with hundred percent creative liberty.

The teacher also takes time to discuss creative ideas with students during assignments, and provides as much critical feedback as possible to ensure that the students continue to better themselves with every session.

Adding to this is Arena’s extensive infrastructure and practice labs.

Aided by high-end computers and freedom of usage, Arena Institutes promotes a very healthy and efficient learning environment that allows students to fully explore their unique skills and talents and experiment with different ideas.

All together, Arena ensures a fantastic learning experience for every student present.

Placement And Job Offers:

Arena has a dedicated placement cell that continuously presents its students with opportunities. The company strongly believes in preparing its students for the dynamic and ever-growing creative industry, and does its best to make sure that the students are pushed towards the path of a lucrative and self-satisfying career.

While opportunities are also highly factored based on the individual’s skillet and talent, Arena Animation has been proven to provide students with high-position jobs in famous companies like Green Gold Animation and Maya Digital Studios.

Many of the industry’s most popular companies have Arena’s students and graduates at top levels, and since the company still strives to continue this in the coming years, the chances of students getting fantastic opportunities are nothing sort of less.

The animation industry is a deep lake to explore. Dipping your toes into the water is tempting, but it’s sincerely advised that you equip yourself with the resources and guidance needed to not get lost.

After watching the institute be the game-changing name of the industry and experience its growth, we strongly believe that Arena Animation Institutes is the best place to enroll in for the guidance you seek.


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