Joseph Cianciotto – The Use of Social Media for Online Marketing

Use of Social Media for Online Marketing


Online marketing has become widely popular for the promotion of goods and services in the market. Both small and large business houses need to resort to online marketing to attract targeted inbound traffic to their products or services. The consumer has become Internet savvy, and so they check websites and social media profiles in order to attract the targeted audience. Social media also helps these companies to establish their brand presence in the market. The biggest advantage of social media marketing for businesses is that it is free. Unlike traditional forms of advertisement and marketing, you do not have to spend lots of money on attracting customers and improving lead conversions.

Joseph Cianciotto- the benefits of social media advertising

Joseph Cianciotto is an esteemed Executive Creative Director with years of valuable experience in CRM, branded content, social media, TV, movie and print media. He says that when you are looking for advertising success and improved brand presence in the market, you must integrate all these forms of advertising and media together. This largely helps you to connect with the targeted audience and connect with them in the process. In the USA, New York is the hub of advertising and media. Graduation in marketing helps you start your career. You should always go to a city like New York that offers you a host of opportunities in the field of marketing advertisement.

He says when it comes to social media, you effectively are able to reach out to people who are interested in your product or service. They follow your business page and so if you can create an effective advertising campaign for your followers, the lead conversions for your business will be more.


Advertising on social media helps you improve the brand recognition of your company. Constant interaction and posts on social media platform helps invoke credibility and trust in the market. Advertising on social media means you will have both existing and potential customers following you. Regular posts help you to connect with your followers constantly. It helps you to build a rapport that in turn transforms into a personal touch for the client. If you are effective in creating a good rapport with your customers, they become the brand ambassadors of your company. They will spread the name of your brand and company products to their friends and family.

Joseph Cianciotto says that the customer has become internet savvy and it is here that he or she will search for products and services. Facebook and Instagram are common social media platforms that businesses use to connect and reach out to their targeted audience. If you are not on social media, you will be losing out on a large chunk of customers for your business. Advertising on social media is a smart move if you really wish to improve lead conversions and returns on investment. You can also gain the competitive edge in the market as well as your brand presence enhances to attract the targeted audience looking for you!

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