Chris Bugbee- Student Entertainment and The Internet – It’s Benefits

Student Entertainment and The Internet


Most parents believe that students must be kept away from the Internet as it kills time and makes them lose focus on their studies. Public education is very demanding, and students face a lot of pressure. The older ones often go to the Internet to listen to music or watch YouTube videos. Some may read online by downloading free PDFs of books. The Internet is a credible source of information and knowledge however when it comes to entertainment, parents, teachers, and schools have varied opinions.

Chris Bugbee- The Internet and its benefits

Chris Bugbee has many years of experience as a school educator and administrator. Since 2016, he has started his research on homeschool in Connecticut and its adjoining regions. He says that in Hartford, Connecticut, teachers, and recruits in the academic department are focusing hard on improving the quality of education in the area. Places like Manchester are improving when it comes to the education standards experienced years back. Chris Bugbee says right from the school Principal to the teachers involved in the educational journey of a child; everyone wants the child to feel comfortable with the learning process and not harassed. The State and board of trustees of educational institutions are seeking innovative ways to make students enjoy the learning process. The news of developments is very encouraging, and this is why the region is currently seeing good results from students.

How does the Internet help?

The Internet has superseded libraries when it comes to education. Teachers use the Internet to supplement the lessons they teach to students. Several videos help students understand the concepts of the subject better. For instance, take the subject of algebra. The Internet has a number of beginners to advanced levels videos for your child. He or she may refer to them when it comes to learning the concepts clearly without a doubt.

Source of entertainment

The Internet is free, and it is one of the most credible sources of entertainment and education for your child. Children need to be entertained so that they can maintain a balance between life and education. The Internet is a major source of entertainment that helps them to get access to music videos, cartoons, games, etc. However, when it comes to the content viewed, parents should exercise adult supervision. The entertainment process via the Internet becomes more enjoyable when children watch videos or listen to the music with their parents. This helps to establish strong bonds and solid parent-child relationships. Moreover, children are able to learn faster as the Internet is a rich source of audio-visual tools.

Chris Bugbee says that the education of the child is very important for his or her growth. Being a part of their educational and entertainment process helps a lot. Chris Bugbee is currently researching on the positive benefits of homeschooling for kids in Connecticut where children can study from the comforts and the convenience of their homes in a familiar environment. Here, they do not have to face the pressure of classrooms and can learn at their own pace he says.


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