New Telugu Movies On aha

New Telugu Movies On aha


Telugu films are well appreciated and are remade in several languages of the country. Telugu films are released worldwide these days and have received well. This opened up the market overseas, and movies like Bahubali and Sahoo have paved the way for nationwide release in all languages. Today Telugu film industry is considered the most significant film producing industry after Bollywood.

New Telugu movies are coming up with versatile stories, different styles of filmmaking, and using advanced technology. There has been a significant change in the filmmaking process if we look at films from the last two decades. Let us look at some fantastic new Telugu movies that are in aha movies.

Bharath Ane Nenu: After his father’s sudden death, Bharat is forced to take up his father’s position as the chief minister. While he tries to reform the corrupt society, he faces obstacles from his enemies. Considered as one of the best political films, this was directed by Koratala Siva, and Mahesh Babu played the lead role.

Brochevarevaru Ra: This film revolves around three friends who fail their exams for years and waste their time. When they befriend Mitra in their college, they devise a plan to help her, but it leads to multiple problems. This film was made with a small budget and had a gripping story and screenplay.

Evaru: Vikram is assigned to investigate the murder of a senior officer who was killed by his alleged rape victim. When he investigates deep into the case, he uncovers some surprising facts. The screenplay of the film is mind-blowing and will keep you intact to the seat throughout the film. Adavi Sesh and Regina played the lead roles.

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MCA (Middle-Class Abbai): Nani’s growing distastefulness towards his sister-in-law Jyothi forces him to move away from home. After falling in love with Pallavi, Jyothi’s cousins, and sudden realizations through past events of Jyothi’s deeds, Nani comes to Jyothi’s rescue when evil goons threaten to kill her.

RX100: After falling madly in love and a passionate affair with Indu, the local politicians’ daughter, Shiva, is heartbroken over facing disapproval from the elders. Constant violent encounters and hurt ramblings later, Shiva uncovers Indu’s dark secret.

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Sahoo: Amritha and Ashok, along with the others, set off on a mission to figure out the thief of a mysterious robbery only to realize the larceny’s connections with underworld crime boss’s murder. But Ashok isn’t who he claims to be, and Amritha’s dilemma makes it harder to crack. Prabhas nationwide recognition after Bahubali brought massive openings to this film.

Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante: Two smart engineers decide to change their deceptive ways and start anew after falling in love until a crazy twist leaves their lives in turmoil.

Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru: What starts off as a classic tale of romance when Raja falls in love with Rani turns into a captivating adventure as the two try to work their way through time’s tapestry and outlast the toils of love. Will fate even work in their favor? You can watch movies online in aha app.


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