8 Keys to Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Workplace Accidents


Businesses lose millions each year due to workplace injuries. There are ways to reduce these costs. To reduce high injury rates, accident prevention is key. These tips will help you prevent workplace injuries.

1. Keep all debris out of your building

Wet floors are one of the most common causes of accidents. Avoid slipping and falling accidents by keeping water out of your building and off your floors. There are many commercial floor mats available that can trap debris and protect visitors and employees. Recessed Grill Pad Pedimat is a popular mat that will help you create a plan to reduce workplace injuries.

2. Keep floors dry

The Waterhog Mats, which has a Water Dam border and traps up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, is another way to keep your floors dry. You can keep your floors dry by placing umbrella stands at your entrance. Visitors can help to keep the workplace safe by providing an umbrella stand and clear plastic bags for umbrella placement.

3. Protect Manufacturing Areas

A part of creating an accident prevention plan is making certain that employees are not exhausted and stressed. Employees who are tired can make dangerous mistakes. Anti-fatigue mats can be used in the workplace to prevent injuries and may also increase employee morale.

4. Make sure employees are informed

Employees need to be educated about lifting and transporting heavy objects. Proper lifting techniques are responsible for many workplace injuries every year. They can all be avoided. Meeting with employees regularly to discuss safety procedures, such as lifting and carrying, is one way to prevent accidents. OSHA First Aid policies can be covered as well as any other rules in the workplace.

5. Get rid of all mess quickly

Clean up spillages as soon as possible to ensure safe floors. It is crucial to follow the procedures to remove chemicals from spills. This information should be posted clearly in areas where chemicals are stored so employees can follow the steps to clean up after an emergency.

6. Protect from Electrical and Shock Damage

Electrical shocks can be caused by high voltage machinery. Anti-static mats are essential for accident prevention when working with electricity. They protect employees and equipment, and reduce the risk of sparking. These products can be found online. They are also known as “non-conductive switchboard” matting. This mat absorbs more than 3,000 volts.

7. Keep your bathroom areas clean

Commercial floor mats are available to protect bathrooms from water accumulation caused by overflowing sinks. The Sink Bathroom Mat or the Urinal Bathroom mat are non-slip and are easy to install.

8. Do not forget to use the locker rooms and shower facilities

Your job is to ensure that your employees don’t get hurt in locker rooms or showers. Rubber drainage mats are a great way to keep these areas dry and clean, and reduce liability and personal injury. Rubber mats can meet all ADA requirements and provide superior liquid drainage and traction. It is 100% Nitrile rubber and has an anti-slip skid feature. It is safe for pedestrians and easy to use.

You can prevent workplace accidents and ensure safety for employees and visitors. It will save you both time and money by creating an accident prevention plan as soon as possible.

To identify potential hazards in the workplace, it is recommended to conduct a thorough risk assessment. Management can then brainstorm ways to reduce risk while protecting employees and customers. Clear signage, slip-resistant treads for stairs, and recessed floor mats are all ways businesses can reduce workplace risks. Visit ultimatemats.com to see more waterhog mats as well as a complete selection of safety-enhancing products for your facility.


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