An Ultimate Dubai Camel Riding Tours In 2021?

Dubai Camel Riding


Visitors explore Dubai and take camel rides to make their trip more exciting. They take some iconic pictures with their friends and family and share these pictures with others to tell them about their wonderful experiences.

Many tourists visit Dubai for the first time. They asked questions about where they could take a camel ride. You can get this amazing experience using many ways.

Dubai City And Camel Rides

The Beach JBR or Jumeirah Beach Residences is an amazing place to catch an exciting camel ride. We advise you to not miss this experience. Witness the beautiful skyline and make wonderful memories here. You can take the ride on a camel for just 50 AED per person.

If you want the guide to click your iconic pictures during a camel ride then pay 25 AED. Share these pictures on your Instagram stories. It is the cheapest way to enjoy a camel ride. Moreover, tourists can easily access this place. 

If you have planned a camel ride then you can book your ride in advance. The service of pre-booking is available for people who want to take an exciting camel ride. Speak to the available staff on the beach and book your ride in advance.

In this way, you will not miss the astonishing chance to take a ride on the brightly decorated camel. Ship of the desert makes your experience worthy.

Dubai Desert Safari And Camel Rides

Desert safari Dubai is a famous tourist attraction. Many tourists visit this desert and enjoy camel rides. You can call it the easiest way to have a camel ride. There are many tour providers that are reputable and provide you an amazing experience in the desert.

You can select one company of your choice from many tour companies. If the time duration of your ride is five minutes only then don’t be amazed. It is enough time to click amazing pictures and enjoy the ship of the desert.

Tours pick you from your hotel in the city on a 484 vehicle. They also provide you a ride of dune bashing that is no doubt an adrenaline-pumping experience. After this, they take you to the camp to start a camel ride.

Different desert sports offer you dune buggies and quad bikes with a sunset camel ride that is surely iconic. The amazing thing about the tour is that they provide you different entertainment with a traditional dinner. You have an option to stay in the desert or return to your hotel.

Dubai Tours That Offer Longer Camel Rides

The best offer is the Camel Desert Safari with the option of Platinum Heritage. You will be surprised to know that you can take the camel ride  best family friendly attractions in spain for 45 minutes on this tour. The guide will start your tour from Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Enjoy sundown and Bedouin meals in the evening with various other entertainments. You will experience Bedouin hospitality with a camel ride that is unforgettable.

Morning Desert Tours That Offer Camel Ride

You can try following morning tours if you are an easy rider.

  • Dubai Sunrise Camel Trek, including breakfast
  • Morning Camel Trek in the area of Dubai Conservation Reserve
  • Quaid Bike, Camel Rides, and Sandboarding

Dubai Resorts That Offer Camel Rides

You will be more excited to know that some resorts offer you camel rides. You can enjoy these rides in the luxurious city now. Many splendid hotels provide you camel rides in the recreation programs that are outdoor. Following are some amazing options that you can choose.

  • Bab al-Shams Desert Resort
  • Al Maha

The Camel Farm

If you want to get a unique experience of camel riding then go to The Camel Farm. Here, you can enjoy many rides at cheaper prices. The general fee of admission is 40 AED. You can enjoy a short camel ride for just 15 AED on the Camel Farm.

If you want to extend the time of your ride then pay 100 AED to enjoy a longer ride. We suggest you to not miss this camel-focused activity if you love camel rides. 

The exciting thing about Camel Farm is that here, you will get the chance to feed baby goats. You can also get camel hug therapy here which is exciting for the ship of the desert lovers. Tourists should visit this place to make their camel ride more exciting and lovely.


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