Here are the reasons why you should get an Android TV

an Android TV


Android TV is a smart TV system launched by Google. The system is used by a variety of TV brands like Hisense, Sony, and TCL. People often get confused between an android and smart TV. To clarify, android TV is a system designed for TVs whereas smart TVs are televisions that run online and have smart features like OTT streaming, screencasting, etc. These smart TVs just like an android TV system use other OS like WebOS, Vizio, etc.

On the other hand, an android TV uses the well-known android OS for its television. An android TV is easy to use and navigate since users are familiarized with the android operating system. Therefore, an android TV often ends up taking an edge over other smart TVs. We will discuss more benefits of an Android TV in today’s blog.

Remember both an android TV and a smart TV are generally expensive. If you wish to enjoy android TV features at an affordable rate, you can check out the smart TV box option for your home. Also, check out more about Android TV boxes.

Coming back to android TVs – let’s look at a few benefits of an android TV.

Benefits of an Android TV – Why you should buy an Android TV?

Android TV has gradually become one of the top contenders in the world of television. Here’s what sets it apart from the rest:

Google Assistant

We are quite familiar with the efficient Google Assistant through our android smartphones. Thanks to the Android TV OS, you can use Google Assistant to control your television. You can also use the assistant to control your smart home products. You can use the following commands for your android TV:

  • Play “insert show’s name, song’s name, etc.”
  • Louder and Softer for volume levels
  • Open to open any application
  • Tell me to know about a show, movie, etc.
  • Stop, Pause, and Resume

Access to Google Play Store

Unlike other smart TVs, an Android TV lets you access a large number of Play Store apps on your TV. You can play games or use any other mobile app on your TV’s big screen with an Android TV. Remember that you can only access apps that are designed for your TV specifically.


The Chromecast feature will allow you to screencast any content from your smartphone, browser, or apps on the TV’s big screen. You can use this feature to cast content from your phone’s gallery to your TV. Enjoy pictures, family videos, etc., using the Chromecast feature on your android TV.

Easy to connect with your android phone

Since your TV and your smartphone use the same OS, you can easily sync your phone and TV. Both devices work in the same ecosystem and therefore, work with each other quite efficiently.

User-friendly and familiar OS

Android phones have been in the market for quite some time now. Most of the users know how to operate an Android phone. Therefore, users are quite familiar with the android operating system. Thanks to this familiarization, users find it easy to navigate an android TV.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, an android TV also offers 4K, Ultra HD, and HDR video quality along with Dolby Atmos surround system. However, these features can only be offered if the chosen hardware and the app supports these features.

Be it a smart TV or an Android TV, remember to get paid subscriptions to your favourite OTT platforms and check out the latest DTH recharge offers to enjoy both your OTT shows and regular network shows without any interruptions.


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